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Artifice: War Tactics is turn-based strategy set in a medieval fantasy world where victory is earned through cunning tactics and skillful execution. Outwit your enemies by setting deadly traps and unleashing devastating combos with allies. Survive waves of relentless foes and conquer strongholds by defeating their powerful bosses.

  • Set traps! – In Artifice, combat is based on setting up attack zones on the battlefield (aka Overwatch) that are hidden from the enemy’s sight and vice versa. The overwatch triggers whenever enemies step over these zones.

  • Strategize to synergize - Tread lightly and position your champions tactically to trap enemies in your overwatched zones. Create a wide range of synergies with different champions who can pierce, burn, poison or even push /pull enemies into setting off more overwatches, resulting in an explosive chain reaction!

  • 6 playable Champions, each with unique traits and abilities – Unlock and customize your champions with trait upgrades, stat bonuses and new abilities as you journey through the campaign.

  • Spoils of war – Bolster your squad with unique loot gained from pillaging enemy provinces.

  • 2 Stronghold bosses – Battle against powerful and challenging stronghold bosses to claim their realm.

  • 3 biomes – Unique biomes each with their own hazards that can disrupt enemy and player forces alike.



Based in Bangalore, India

Release Date:

8th November 2023


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Launch Trailer
Gameplay Trailer
About Silvine Game Studios

Founded by Neeraj Kumar, Aubhik Nath, Ekta Verma, and Vishal Mohan, Silvine Game Studios is an independent developer based in Bangalore, India. After shipping Asura: Vengeance Edition for a previous studio (Ogre Head Studio), the team got together once again to work on what would eventually become Artifice: War Tactics. Seeking to forge memorable experiences that would someday inspire others to follow their passion, Silvine Game Studios is just getting started!

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